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A word used to describe something or someone that is weird, awkward, crazy, or messed up. It is always used in a negative connotation and mostly as an adjective. It can also refer to an action in/of a situation that is out of proportion to what may typically be socially acceptable.

Pronunciation- buh-'JIG-guh-dee

Other spellings- Bejigedy

Abbreviation- bejigg or bejig
The singer sang a bejiggedy high note because she was not singing correctly and using her breath support.

"Don't get too bejiggedy before your test! Being bejiggedy will make you neverous and you'll forget what you studied."

The traffic on the highway was bejiggedy because people were swerving erratically in and out of lanes, which slowed my commute to work.

The customer expected to redeem a 30% off coupon that had expired two years ago and was extremely rude and bejiggedy with the salesperson.
by Singsomuch March 14, 2014
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