Term to describe a female who is attractive and pleasant but is generally boring and dresses in preppy, matronly clothes. This species of female simply wants to be a housewife or has a lame job. Many men find them appealing because they will do all the things their mothers do for them. Women hate them because they are "safe" and boring but get dudes. However, men usually cheat on their beige cardigans with fun, spicy women. They are like beige cardigans from the Gap or Talbots: bland, blend in with most outfits but are generally boring and forgettable
1. Ugh, (insert guy name) totally just wants to marry some beige cardigan who will stay at home and pop out babies for him

2. I mean she's pretty but she's totally a beige cardigan
by hangoverconcierge July 7, 2012
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