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it first came around the begininng of 2006,
To be A Beeton one must generally carry the emo type outlook on life eg; try-hard really gay hair-cut, ugly and tunes memebers of the same-sex. But this meaning in particular carrys a more direct apporah to a breed of emo that is fat, ugly, and attempts to be seen with a member of the opposite sex but in actual fact is soo ugly that the only appear that way. A Beeton will also appear filthy at all times you just would not want to be around that person. and even when they have washed they seem more filthier. This person also tries to appear like they like classic rock-bands so just so they can be friends with the norm of people but this is just a cover-up of the shit music they listen to.

In general this person is more vile and disgusting then the stench and gross particles that lie in a pigs sty!
OMFG that guy, is so disgusting omg is BEETON!!!

holy crap is that guy tuning another guy. oh its just BEETON
by James T. Smirnoff September 04, 2006
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