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A wonderful drinking game. To beer staff, simply drink a beer. Then, duct tape the empty can to the bottom of your next beer. Tape that empty beer to the bottom of the two cans. Keep doing this to form a staff made of beer cans. A BEER STAFF.
"Hey, Broseph. What're you doing tonight?"
by Robbie Bourne December 11, 2006
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Using cans, you drink a beer and once it's finished you add a fresh brew on top of the empty can and just keep going till you have the biggest "staff" in town. "Team help" can be called to help duck-tape your fresh brews onto your old ones. Once your a champion you will have to move to the picnic tables to drink out of your staff, once you've reached this level your a staff champ.
Ex: Oliver and Scott always have the biggest staffs around during beer staffing, Beck just can't compete.

" team help "

*beer staff hiking is the best activity.
* Watch-out for punishing farts in the morning.
by BIGDADDY88888 October 22, 2009
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