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run a mile on a quarter mile track ... but before each lap you chug a beer
you are a winner at life if you can run a decent beer mile.
by liquidice5 May 03, 2005
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The strange distance that can either be extremely long or very short!!!! Usually due to excessive drinking of beer, the beermile can seem very short and the walker gets home faster than expected, most probably to do with memory loss or the beer monster. It can on the other hand seem extremely long, most definatley due to zigzag walking, stumbling, letching on females, getting in fights, stopping to throw up, stopping at another pub or falling asleep on the curb for half the nite!!!!!! a strange phenomenon it must be said!!!!
#1. Jesus man u were extremely drunk last nite!!!!!

#2. yer tell me bout it, the walk home seemed about 5 beermiles!!!

#1. Ooooof!! short or long ones??

#2. Long ones!!!!:(

#1. Bummer, u fancy a beer mate???

#2. damn rite!!:D
by legsofkentdale November 16, 2006
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The loyalty points gained by not going drinking, when e.g. working weekends, visiting partner's family or driving a bus full of schoolkids
Pete: I've been working every weekend for the last two months - am going nuts not having had a beer

Joe: Wow you'll have collected enough beermiles for a one way ticket to Berserkistan
by IanZDaws June 22, 2012
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