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The food of the bro.

One of these titles is required to consume or even glance upon beef broganoff:


Other infidels are not worthy of the savory taste of beef broganoff.
Bro's mom: Hi honey
Brogan: Can we have my boy over for some chow?
Bro's mom: As long as it's not that friend you call "broohah", because we ran out of beef broganoff last night.

Brogan: seriously wtf. im hittin Broseph's place tonight
by Rogaine (Joegus) January 30, 2011
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When a "bro" is of very large stature. Built; stacked; juiced. bro beefcake juiced
Girl #1: "Jesus Christ! Did you see the size of that guys arms?!"
Girl #2: "Oh shit! He's totally beef broganoff."
by snackpack84 July 01, 2011
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