A person who owns DJing equipment (ie. turntables, mixer, CDJ, etc.) and has a passion for music, but doesn't play out to crowds at bars or special events (ie. raves). Instead, they opt to play their music at home for their friends or over the internet via audio broadcasting software, such as shoutcast.
That bedroom dj has mad skills, he should play out at the next rave!
by MikeDub January 17, 2006
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An aspiring DJ who is still at the "hobby" stage, who creates/destroys/modifies music on home computers and whatever equipment they can afford, often from their bedroom. While bedroom dj's may not be particularily skilled, they make up for this with enthusiasm and creativity.

Many great bootleg remixes and mashups available on the web are care of these artists.

- you downloaded that remix of Basement Jaxx by DJ SS? That dude's a genius!
- DJ Sharpie Sharp? He's just a bedroom DJ, bro, he's still at school.
by kozz January 19, 2006
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