(noun) Someone with whom one shares a bed.
(verb) To engage in and ultimately have sex with, often preceeded by vigorous, yet futile attempts at wooing one into submission.
Ahmed agreed to be Waleed's bedfellow on the condition that he produced enough money.

May I bedfellow you? :D
by Interlocution August 17, 2005
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/T͟Hə ˈbedˌfelōws/


two people living together in a state of delusion and denial.

a person living in a delusional relationship brought upon by society standards usually representing raw emotion or passion.

a person existing in dangerous living conditions representing unconditional love.

the act of understanding the humour in contradiction and disregarding facts as opinion.
"he doesn't care whether anyone likes what he creates, he must be the bedfellows right now!"

Used to express excitement over an unfunny cartoon series.
"The Bedfellows! I have a strange boner right now, why did this happen?"
by TheBedfellows January 09, 2022
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