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someone who takes only their sleeping concerns into their considerations for sleeping arrangements on everyday, spring breaks, or other engagements. basically the opposite of everybody that had to sleep in the superdome after hurricane katrina except they chastize you for not sleeping on a comfortable bed.
Bed-layer 1:Wow this vacation is gonna be sweeeeeeeeeeet!

Bed-layer 2:Heck yes! i got top bunk!
Bed-layer 1: i got bottom.
Bed-layers 3-4: My obsession with philly cheesteaks, and my judism allows for our fat asses to take the king size. (Female Bed-layers)
Non Bed-layer 1: Well where are we supposed to sleep?
Bed-layer 2:You can use those couch cushions on the floor hahahahaha (Female, yet maleish tracy mcgradyesk devil laugh)
by Wortman Defiance i h8 thatcunt December 18, 2009
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