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After consuming large amounts of alcohol and laying horizontally on the back or stomach, usually on a bed or couch the world will start to spin around you. If left unchecked this condition could enduce premature vomiting.
Easy remidies are as follows:
1)Put one foot on floor
2)Roll over onto side
3)Put two feet on the floor, get up, walk to the fridge or make your way back to the party and start drinking till you pass out. Don't stop now, your almost there.
Dude, Jimmy got the bed spins so bad last night he puked all over his moms $3600 leather sofa.
by jcampbell2005 October 02, 2005
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when you drink too much and go to pass out, but the world is spinning on your drunken ass
fuckin eh, how did i end up on this carousel...i hate the bed spins
by p-block September 08, 2005
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What a faggot ass loser calls 'the spins'.

'The spins' are what you get after drinking a bunch of alcohol and closing your eyes.
"Yeah that gay called 'the spins' bedspins so I knocked all his fucking teeth out stabbed him in the neck with a pen"
by HeavyToilet September 16, 2005
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