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A bed snob is a person who is very particular of which beds they will sleep in. For the bed snob, the bed must meet a minimum criteria and the bed snob has been known to spend an obscene amount of money to construct such bed. Starting with a proper mattress and box spring selection to linens and finally, pillows. A bed snob will stop at nothing to have the most comfortable bed. So comfortable, that when people come to visit and sleep in your bed, guests will go on and on about how fantastic your sheets are or how soft your pillows are. They rave about how well they slept and haven't slept that well in a LONG time and, finally, vow to go straight home and become the ultimate snob bed and pass on their knowledge.
Do not offer a bed snob an air mattress (unless you never want these people to visit you ever again). A bed snob requires adjustable mattresses, high thread count sheets and matching down pillow/comforter set.
by Hotsteffff October 12, 2013
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