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The main theory of the popular religion McNastyism! This religion is composed of a holy trinity of McNasty aka Becker (god), mastercox aka white jesus, and Kenton aka Pope Weaver! With Becker as the one true god and his faithful demi-gods cox and weaver they reign supreme over all in existence! the benefits of McNastyism include free nacho days, wet tshirt contests and a girafe petting zoo on any believer of the becker faiths Mcnastytism which is the equivalent to a christian baptism only captain morgan tattoo replaces the holy water!
McNasty Priest: Who is the one true god my fellow McNasties?
All: becker is god!!! All hail Becker!!! In the name of the becker, the cox, and the holy weaver! Amen!
by matt-becker April 05, 2009
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