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Noun (1.) People who are very pro Beaumont, TX. (2.) A deluded citizen of Beaumont, TX. i.e. One who believes Beaumont TX is something that it isn't. Beaulievers are very much like the villagers from the children's story, "The Emperor's New Clothes" wherein, realistically, they can see that he is naked but convince themselves they are seeing him in great finery because it's what they are supposed to believe and, thus, want to believe. (4.) Most beaulievers really want to be Beau-Leavers, but are stuck in the region -for whatever reason- and are simply trying to make the most of it. (5.)Beaulievers is also a hashtag event that never really took off, even locally, but is still used by 5-6 social media identities on occasion.
Beaumont doesn't smell like a wet fart. It smells like money! I'm a beauliever!
by Ana Thema June 28, 2015
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