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totally whack.
no one wants to be "beatsauce".
look at jank.
"dude, you're total BEATSAUCE"
"aw man, thats low."
by mark5 December 30, 2004
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a homely individual; a step up the ladder from beat; a physically unattractive person
That girl with the orange tan, caked on makeup, and poof is total beatsauce.
by AnRam February 21, 2010
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to be absolutely worthless, and dull. boring and lifeless. it is the adjective for any person or situation that you are completely bored with.
Dude lets get out of here, this mall is beatsauce.
by johnnyjew May 24, 2009
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Ejaculation after a long session of sex, usually in large loads.
After we made love, we didn't know how to hide all of the beat sauce.
by Dirty Love Maker November 08, 2010
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Anything that is uncool, lame, gay(not homosexual gay),trife, really long and boring, stupid, pointless and straight whack.
yo man we went boardin the other day and the snow sucked balls, it was all melted and muddy...Beat sauce.
by Lukas Rams June 09, 2006
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