As coined by the MIAA's finest, a beat chick is one who is ugly, fat, obnoxious, a fucking loser, lesbian, feminist, or all of the above. They tend to be unkempt in their appearance (i.e. not tanning in winter or not enough make-up in school) or intent on standing up for things they believe in, even when they are told to shut the fuck up by a dude. Beat chicks can be losers you pass in the hall or social clingers who scrape their way into your parties, either way, they are to be avoided at all costs. Beat chicks flock to boys with stupid nicknames like "chill" or temporary inhabitants of Nebraska. The social "beaters" tend to garner unflattering nicknames that hopefully will last for lifetimes. "No Beat Chicks" has become the rallying cry for "Tech" and hopefully a nation.
Bro #1 "Duuuuude, how beat was that chick Chill hooked up with?"

Bro #2 "Duuuuude, she was beat as shit, only he would tap that shit"

Bro #1 "Duuuuude, i know, but thats the only pussy he gets"

Bro #2 "nothing worse than a beat chick..maybe chill"
by Nobete Chix April 22, 2008
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A chick who looks like she has been "beaten" both in life, and by a hot sack of nickles.

Read: ugly, fat, and typically reaks like week-old garbage.
All emo kids are beat chicks, both guys and girls.
by Jaredt November 30, 2006
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Beat Your Chick Day (B.Y.C.D) is a commonly used abbreviation in the (mostly African) suburbs. It is on 13 November, and it is used to legally beat up your chick... However, if the chick has wounds the next day, it isn't legal, the criminal must be turned in. Thus you might not have heard of it before.
Beat Your Chick Day:
'Jordi, you beat up your chick really fine man!'

' Did you know that B.Y.C.D is tomorrow?'
by April 18, 2018
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