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A very complex word used in only certain circumstances, namely where something is fantastic, however no-where beyond that.

A word coined by the one they call Nunez after playing 'Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition'. It's slowly becoming used by gamers alike.

Some examples of where this word is acceptable to be used is:

I. After great, but not excellent sex.

II. After finding out you aren't HIV positive after the sex.

III. When playing Minecraft for the Xbox 360 (it wasn't as good as I expected.)

IV. Having exactly 69% as a test mark. (Note that 69 is a hilarious number, however 69% is nothing to write home about. Hence why in this circumstance it's beast nuts.)

V. Seeing a great set of tits, but unfortunately ruining those $500 slacks.
Neckbeard: Dude have you played Minecraft for the Xbox 360?

Neckbeard #2: Yeah man, it was pretty beast nuts but it had its flaws.
by NunezapathWasTaken? May 28, 2012
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