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a bearninjacowboyrobotspacemanpirate
(or bncrsp for short) is what it sounds like. it is a bncrsp or a word u say when there is nothing else to say. the orgain of the word is that there was a bncrsp a long time ago. once apon a time there was a toster this toster had a good life and made tost most mourings and didn't burn it most of the time. but then 1 day the family that it had got a new shiny toster. so they dicide that only 1 toster could stay. so they had a cage fight. in its old age our toster had no chance. so it left to gain the powere it needed to take its spot back on the kicten counter. so it meet a druid and gaind teh spell "wlide shape" and turend in to a bare and from then on was a robot bear. but it needed more skills so it lerend the ways of the ninja and the pirate. but it felt that it needed to explore the more open areas so it become a cowboy. and in order to explore the final frounter it became a accountant. after finding that numbers are borring it went to space camp and became teh bearninjacowboyrobotspacemanpirate(account was left off because it was really bouring)
fread and gorge are disscssing wat there are doing this weekend
bob comes in and says "my mom died"
fread and gorge can no longer say anything
joe states "bearninjacowboyrobotspacemanpirate!!!"
then a bearninjacowboyrobotspacemanpirate comes in and kills bob and makes everthing better
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