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Muscular for the purpose of strength, strongman competitors and Olympic heavy lifters.
Yeah, that guy looks pretty buff, but THAT guy is full on BEARMODE.
by Doug Demaro January 29, 2010
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A extremely muscular individual with a high level of body fat. Usually what you see in a strongman competition.
google: Mariusz Pudzianowski or Phil Pfister . a lumberjack. BEARMODE bear mode
by CHUGALUGforme March 28, 2010
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someone who is extremely powerful, there shape body wise is massive, huge muscle fat. you must have seen this form on Worlds strongest men, Bearmode is not super cut or skinny.
Bearmode is around 6-6'9 feet tall, wide, huge arms and legs almost looks like a real juggernaut or hulk.
by Boomedwithpower January 18, 2010
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When an Average or Husky Man Focuses On Weightlifting to Build Upper Back, Delts, Trap, and Arm Mass as Well As Sporting a Beard or Other Facial Hair Varieties.
Dan used to be jacked and shredded, now he's all bear mode and impressive
by ShaneGreyLifts July 05, 2017
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