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An older male who seemingly commands respect for apparent wisdom, telling of incidents in his past which may seem genuine and enthralling to the young or the naive, but can easily be seen as fantasy by anyone offering even a little scrutiny.

A Beardyfish will tell tales of fights, wealth & sexual exploits but will never back them up with any detail or fact, using phrases such as ‘a gentlemen never tells’ or ‘you don’t know my background’, in the hope that ‘mystery’ will be an adequate substitute for ‘reality’

A Beardyfish thinks he is wise and experienced (as an older, bearded, wise-man of a tribe) but due to the actual lack of real knowledge of his fictitious adventures he proves very gullible to pranks and wind-ups on subjects he claims to know a lot about (and so is fished-in)
Chris “Rob’s claiming he was in the army, based in Hereford England, but he’s not allowed to say what regiment he was in”

Ian “WTF! He worked in a factory in Birmingham for 30 years, when did he have time to be in the SAS? He’s such a Beardyfish! Let’s ask him what colour the roof of the boat house is…”
by carrots361 March 08, 2010
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