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n. bɪərd nɛk Little endian form of the word neckbeard.
The network administrator at your local community college is most likely a beardneck.
by Nerdz4Lyfee August 22, 2013
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Not to be confused with 'Neck Beard'. Beard Neck is what happens when you grow a neck so fat that you have to start creating the trimmed illusion of a jawline with your beard.
Joey: Hey have you seen Zachary recently?
Lord William Montesford III: Nay, One hast not. Why, may I enquire?
Joey: He got fat and grew a Beard Neck dude.
Lord William Montesford III: I also have a Neck Beard though, young Joey.
Joey: They're not the same! You have a beard that grows under your jawline... He however, has a jawline no longer and therefor has shaved his facial furniture in to an illusory Beard Neck.
by Master Hudson July 02, 2015
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