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A person who is not sexually attracted to men, but would have sex with blackbear.
Man 1: “Are you attracted to men?”

Man 2: “No, except for Blackbear

Man 1: “So are your bisexual?”

Man 2: “No, I’m BEAR-SEXUAL

Man 2: *Proceeds to go through bear’s instagram feed, listen to do re mi on repeat, and curse Sydney Carlsson*
by polyamorousu June 14, 2018
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When a person (male or female) goes to a park, sees a bear and gets turned on.
Blake: Omg Shawnna Are you Bearsexual

Shawnna: NO!


Person 1: Guys, I think Kylie is Bearsexual
Person 2: Why? What happens

Person 3: Well we did see her following a bear into the woods but maybe she isn’t...
by Cactusfiller February 28, 2018
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