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1. word used to describe anything bad or unusual
2. drunk out of your wits, screwed up, unfortunate, bent out of shape, irregular, out of the ordinary
4. a description for any situation that has gone awry or amok
3. a description for a situation so horrible that no word could be used other than 'beanshaped'

- VERB (to go beanshaped)

1. to go awry or amok
2. to chicken out of something at the last minute
3. the PG-13 version of saying, "I fucked up"

"Is it just me or is this day starting to feel like it's going to be beanshaped? Something's really off, must be the weather."

"There was an open bar at the party last night and of course, I went home beanshaped!"

"Our date was going so well until things just started going beanshaped on me when I ran into an ex-girlfriend of mine at the same bar!"


"I seriously thought I studied enough, but I really think I beanshaped that exam so badly!"

"Don't go out telling chicks you love them if you're just gonna go beanshaped on them the moment you get any of them pregnant!"
by thebeansprouts April 29, 2009
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