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The 'shim' in a marriage looks the man role, but takes orders and has a vagina instead of what goes in the vagina. Shim shaves their whole body to try be as strong as their wife's overpowering will power. The 'shim' is content with giving his 100% effort and his whole paycheck to his wife he worships for her 1-5% effortless existence in the relationship. When in heat, the wife gets the male role by attaching a strap on. After the wife dry intercourses the shim. The wife removes the strap on so she can get off by beanbumping her shim. The wife beanbumper is usually a richbitchwannabe and is always right, perfect in everyway, GOD-like in the sense of being flawless or without flaws.
Emo 1:'What nice married couple.'

Emo 2:"Hey, why doesn't the husband have any hair on his body?"
Emo 1:'EEWWWW!!!!!! It's a shim! Notice how it follows its wife!
Wife says to her shim: 'You better keep your mouth shut or you will not have any beanbumping from me for 3 months! Remember, a good 'husband' is seen not heard!'
Emo 2:"A shim does make a good pet, but poses no threat."
Emo 1:'Just shows there is someone for everybody.'''Shims happiness comes from breaking their back for their soulmate, who calls the shots and controls shim as a personal slave."
Wife says to shim :'Now don't forget my wedding vow to you," I take this shim in marriage for better or DIVORCE."
Emo 2:"A shim is the poster child picture for defining all derivatives of the word lame.""What a lamebrain!"
Emo 1 :'No, shims are brainless, malepartless and do enjoy being in lop-sided relationships and excellent at following orders.'
Emo 2 :"I wonder if the wife sometimes enjoys shaving sheman's beanbumping area."
Emo 1 :'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW' NO MORE SAID. Let's go find some real women who cares about how we feel just as much as we care how they feel.
by femamiebeaningistator December 11, 2010
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