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Within the prison setting, the horizontal slot like opening in the door or bars of a cell. This opening is large enough to fit a food tray, but small enough to keep and inmate from crawling through.
Dr. Evans, the prison psychologist, went to visit the unruly inmate in segregation. When he leaned his head down near the bean chute to talk to the agitated inmate, a self-help book came flying out of the bean chute striking Dr. Evans in the side of the head.
by sanjac1836 July 10, 2008
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synonymous with butt hole. anus or bunghole. similar to corn hole

a sick definition would describe it as: some people poop in small pellets or "beans" and well, they come out of the 'bean chute'
i just dropped a crucial grumpy. my bean chute is torn UP!
by jonathan woods March 03, 2006
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