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The female's version of the "spank bank", where images are mentally stored for later masturbation. "Bean" referring to the female's clitoris.
Watching the hot guitarist on stage, Katie knew she was storing up images in the bean bank.
by Angry Irishman October 03, 2013
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The female version of the ‘wankbank’. A mental storing of things that turn a woman on for later recollection and inevitable masturbation. ‘Bean’ meaning ‘clitoris’, and ‘bank’ meaning storage.
Girl 1: Sup girl, you seen the tight man ass over there?

Girl 2: Mmhmm, damn tight. That’s some might fine ass right there.

Girl 1: Let me scoop some of that up for later, imma add this to the beanbank.

Girl 2: Mmhmm, for sure.
by Corbusier May 16, 2018
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