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A different term for a BBW, (big beautiful woman). A woman that is voluptuous, curvy, big, meaty.
Hey bro, did you see those bbdubs??! They were totally checking us out.

Hey see those two girls?

I call the bbdub! You can have the skinny one.
by Cboc July 20, 2010
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1. a bullshit drink that everyone acts like they fuckin love.
2. an excuse to act like hot shit for a night until someone tells you your a fuckin idiot to pay 8 dollars for a six pack of beer that could have been brewed better inside an asshole.
3. tastes like shit.
4. A specialty brewed bottle of blackbearys and piss. the taste really comes out after a couple
ex 1.

"yo dude hand me my blackbeary wheat."
"no fuck that, why are you drinking that shitty fuckin micro brewed bulshit."
"ok im sorry can i have a bud."

ex. 2

yo lets get some bb dubs tonight.
no your a fag, shut the fuck up.

ex. 3

we should sip on some bb dubs tonight
i would if i didnt have to overpay for some shit ass beer.


im gettin a twelver of bbdubs tonight.
by mike dognasgdas July 24, 2006
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