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A Batterbomb refers to ejaculation. "Batter" is a shortened form of "baby batter" which is slang for male sperm. The "bomb" refers to its impact on a person's, preferably a woman's, face.
IE: After they screwed he dropped a Batterbomb on her face.
by 1LOWAZN August 26, 2007
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In the USA it's when you bust your nut in your hand and then slap the chick you just got done smashing. Preferably in the face but on the ass is acceptable.
After I got done butt fucking your mom, I pulled out and gave that old slut a batter bomb.
by GhettoSupreme July 18, 2012
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Most commonly used in the UK and most of europe, a batter bomb is slang for a cum shot, or ejaculation load. It is only a true batter bomb if u catch the female in the face unexpectadly (sp)
DUDE,BRO i was fuckin this chick, i was about to cum, i pulled out and caught her in the face with a massive batter bomb! OWNED
by The Real Sweetlou August 19, 2008
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