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It is not a replacement for bitch. It is a very brutal word used as a joke. I madeven this word up and no one but me knew th definition till now. Your welcome frands. "Oh my god I hate you so much you cunty whore . Seriously I actually want to slap you to Neptune. I'll bitch slap you all the way around the mother fucking solar system hoe. You make me want to slit my wrists deeper than Hannah baker. Honestly I will rib off your limbs, shove them down your throat, feed your insides to my dog, and then donate your skin. Girl you seriously annoy me so fucking much, I can't wait till the day you die. At your funeral I'll put your body in the ground with no casket and then burn you. I actually want to punch your face in."
Becky- OMG, Veronica!! I just like totally lost your pokemon card
Veronica- holy shit!!Becky I can't even right now. You batoochka!!!
Becky- omg , vee!! You did not just call me that!! I hate you!!!
by Moe the hoe July 11, 2017
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