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One who kills enemy plane campers that dont spawn at the front lines in the game Battlefield 1942 and Desert Combat.

Esp. with a Helicopter or Tank
teamplayer: damn! I pwned taht plane camper! HAHaHAHA!!!!11!!!1

c4mpz0r: OMG TEH H4X!
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
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A total noob who runs through a base in tribes 2 who destroys EVERYTHING while using the strongest armor, armed with the strongest weapons. AVOID. If encountered, use anything fast or capable of repeated fire in a short time.
jo: Dude! that base raper just flew through our base!
Q: What was his name?
jo: toughguy123.
Q: what a noob.
toughguy123: j00 h4v3 b33n t3h pwnz0rD!!!
by Qualanx May 13, 2006
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