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Bartlomiej is a crazy guy with lots of ideas. He doesn't smoke and is reasonable. He has a bit of courage. And is quite strong. He won't pick fights tho unless he has to. He can be the greatest friend or worst enemy
by Sarbicus May 25, 2018
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The Guy That Has The Biggest Dick, Is Very Sexy And Cute, He Is The Best At Sport, Is The Strongest And The Tallest, He gets the most Girls and He Is Funny and a Good Friend to hang around
Never Fuck With A Bartłomiej Other Wise He Will Finesse Your Girl And will Dunk On You
by BigRobert69 September 25, 2018
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A nice guy but sometimes an asshole probably gay and has a small butthole but a 6 in cock and he might be a dumb idiot retard piece of squeaker shit.
bartłomiej is very gay.
by Chris...we... September 22, 2018
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