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"Barryscotted" Is a golf term used to describe what happens to your ball after it has been putted and someone says "its in". Invairiably when 'its in', 'nice putt', 'go in' or any other terms of concession or encouragement are made prior to the ball actually 'going in' the ball always manages to find a way to 'stay out'. If you have hit the perfect putt, and someone 'talks to your ball' and it stays out, you have been 'Barryscotted'.

The origin of the term is east coast of Canada in nature (although widely heard throughout North America now) and is loosely tied back to a famous superintendent who held a particular disdain for ball talking.
You 'Barryscotted' me, that ball was center cup!"
by Beaglecaptain April 16, 2017
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