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Refers to the infuriating/humiliating "auditory chain-reaction" that often occurs with all da neighborhood dogs... you merely walk by one house with a dog tethered out front, and he starts barking at you, then the dogs next door --- even if they're locked inside the house --- hear him and start yappin', too, and then the hound at the property next to that one starts howling, and so on and so on and so on... pretty soon all da canines within a half-mile radius are barkin' fit to bust, when whatever the first dog was barking at isn't even anywhere near those other dogs' vicinity.
I try to scavenge for returnables only during the mid-to-late daylight hours, so that the resulting barker-brigade in the roadside homes will create a minimum of "the dogs woke me up!" aggravation.
by QuacksO July 09, 2018
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