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n. barkada(s) is Filipino street slang means a group of friends or a gang of youth that is lazy studying school. Most consider this a Filipino-English word due to usage and scattering of this word over the Internet and Philippine Media like legit Newspaper. Filipino writers and playwrights are using this word just to make their articles even cooler.
Sentence: Joey loves to hang out with his barkadas so he was indolent to go to school.

Person 1: Interested in a party?
Person 2: Yah, let me invite my friends first.

Gal writes her online profile:
About me: I don’t please everyone to be my friend, I’m not a friendly human organism but I always stick to my barkadas tripping. If he/she really wants to be my friend I’ll go consult my barkadas… blah, blah, blah…
by Romjoy September 13, 2006
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a deadly Filipino gang. but it really means the people you hang with.
yo, where's my barkada?
by Matt Banez April 18, 2005
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