What I'd honestly thought the hot-bodied gym-teacher had meant when she spoke to me while momentarily preoccupied with some paperwork prior to helping me with my workout; as you might imagine, I subsequently felt kinda stupid after seeing her shocked expression when she glanced back up from her desk --- still fully garbed in her own exercise-outfit --- and saw me standing there stark-naked in front of her.
Anytime a hot chick says, "bare with me", I prudently wait to see if she actually starts to disrobe herself before I drop my own trousers... she might have simply meant that she wanted me to be patient with her while she processed an unavoidable delay before joining and/or assisting me.
by QuacksO July 28, 2019
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meaning for someone to be patient w you not the fucking animal get it right bitches and you S Money
by lolololol362 November 2, 2021
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