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BARABBAS is slang for "none of your business!"

Etymology: "Barabbas", Greek transliteration of the Aramaic "Bar-Abba" meaning "son of a father". Erroneously thought to be the actual name of a revolutionary incarcerated at the same time as Yahshua Bar-Yosef (aka "Jesus son of Joseph") see JOHN 18:40.

The custom in Israel 2,000 years ago was that a man was called by his own first name plus "Bar" (son of) followed by the first name of his father.

"Barabbas" or "Bar-Abba" was NOT the revolutionary's ACTUAL name, rather, when the Roman guards asked him what his name was, he said, "Bar-Abba", literally "son of a father", ie "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!"
Why are you taking so long in the bathroom?

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