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The amount of time and money a guy spends on trying to hook up with a girl at a bar or night club.
Example 1:
Dude1: How'd it go last night?
Dude2: Terrible! I spent 3 hours and $45 of bar equity into some chick at the club only to have her fat cockblocker friend suddenly drag her away drunkenly shouting, "We gotta go now! Bye, Bye!"

Example 2:
Random bar ho: Hey Sexy! Wanna buy me a drink?
Guy: Uhhhh......
Wingman: (whispers) Wait, dude! You can't put any bar equity into a jersey girl. They can hold way too mch liqour and may drop you for some guido.
by Tenacious Faulker July 19, 2009
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