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A horticultural anomaly, the banonion is a fusion of a banana and an onion. Originally devised by J. Martin Bush as a high potassium, tear jerking alternative to the tangerine, this fregetable is popular in Webster, NY and surrounding areas. Kat Tat farms is the only producer of this rare hybrid. A delicacy in Upstate, NY, the banonion is primarily used as a poison control center method of inducing vomiting, or to ward off Kats (sic). Elvis Presley is known to have an affinity for the banonion as well as Bette Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker.
Katherine: "I hate bananas and onions smell like BO!"
Jack: "Ooooo then you would love the banonion!!!"
Katherine: "What is that?"
Jack: "They sell it at Wegmans with a free bottle of Pepto-Bismol!! I heard its good for creating a muscle face."
by JacknRochNY January 02, 2009
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