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An online forum where pensioners can discuss Matched Betting, and act like a bunch of cretins.

A once thriving forum, the moderators (who were the once brilliant) gave up on it , and the site is mainly populated by no more than five people. No longer used for matched betting discussions, these five people use the forum instead as a nanna's meeting point.

Notably, one pensioner member has an obsession with high-heels, is constantly trying to be funny, and thinks they are better than everyone else by telling tales of how they used to be a moderator and pointing out grammar.

Another pensioner member uses the forum to talk about her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Another pensioner member constantly bangs on about being a retired police officer, with a useless son, and a fetish for golf clubs.
Average Bankofbets discussion:
Pensioner 1: 'Just won £5 from a casino offer. Nice little earner, that'
Pensioner 2: 'OMG !!1 CONGRATULATIONS!!1 The drinks on you tonite then?'
Pensioner 3: 'Talking of drinks, went to play golf today, and I was thirsty. Did I tell you about my son?'
Pensioner 4: 'I'd prefer it if you would talk about your sun. Tell us about that celestial aortic pump of the solar system. Whisper it softly.'
Pensioner 5: 'I'll tell you who never whispered anything softly: my ex-boyfriend'.
by Naughty Denzil May 28, 2018
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