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Bad tasting, shitty complementary coffee such as that set out all day for customers at a bank. It often tastes burnt if sitting in a pot or tastes weak or acidic if served from a thermos dispenser. Occasionally somebody will help themselves to a cup, but nobody really enjoys it. Often served in small white styrofoam cups with a large canister of powdered creamer nearby.
β€œIs there a place to get coffee here?”
β€œNah, all they serve here is shitty bank coffee.”
by Dav1d VB May 29, 2018
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Shitty, complimentary coffee that is watery or burnt but customers drink it anyway because it is free. The coffee is usually accompanied by a stack of small styrofoam cups, various packets of sweateners, and a large dispenser of powdered creamer.
"Blech, that bank coffee tasted like warm water but I had to stand in line so I just drank it anyway."
by Dav1d VB June 09, 2018
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