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Used to describe beating someone up in reference to bang being a slang term for sex. The implication being the pain will be equal to rape or some shiz like that. Often used by 12-year-olds on the playground. (May be exclusive to England/the UK but idk)
12yo(thinks he is hard): M8 imma bang you up on Fortnite, bruv.
12yo(v2): nah m8 u weak af. I don't even have a solo kill, bruv. Imma make u ded lmfao.

Jeff: Man imma shank u if u tell someone about my ded cat!!!
Bob: wtf man. U wanna go m8 'cos imma bang you up.
Bob: *is completely forking obliterated*
by Y337 5p34k January 02, 2019
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