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A type of protest mobilisation commonly used in India. A bandh is a combination of a strike and a shutdown/blockade. Participants refrain from economic activity and usually set up roadblocks to "enforce" the bandh and as a kind of rally.

Bandhs may be called by any kind of organisation, not only trade unions or work-related groups - for instance, political parties, human rights groups, campaigning groups, women's groups, youth groups, etc, often call bandhs to protest various issues. They are usually regional rather than sectoral. Bandhs vary in duration from hour-long shutdowns to "indefinite" bandhs which can go on for months.
In support of a three-day bandh called by a coalition of 32 groups calling for repeal of anti-terrorism laws which have led to human rights violations, protesters shut down most of central Imphal. Women and youths blocked roads with logs and burning tyres before being lathi-charged by police.

Accusing the local government of corruption, Congress supporters observed a four-hour bandh yesterday.

Protesting the arrest of a prominent Hindu seer, Shiv Sena have launched a bandh call across Uttar Pradesh.
by Andy February 07, 2005
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