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the new guy in band who all the girls have a crush on. is the butt of many jokes but usually doesn't mind because they are the band pimp. recieves pimp juice at awards night.
liked by many swooning band girls:
the freshman trumpet player, the drummer who was the band pimp last year, the other trumpet player who was the band pimp the year before that, and that guy who plays flute.
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Well, people call them "band geeks" but there are those one kids who play snare and are sweet. All the girls like them and stand on the side of the street just waiting for these band pimps to march down in a parade or other event.
Girl 1: Ooohh man, this sucks, band geeks comin.

Girl 2: Eff you, it's band pimp and they're awesome.

Girl 3: Yeah, eff you, band PIMP.
by Mr. Rynizzle February 23, 2005
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