A member of the school band who is not completely obsessed. (Doesn't sleep with instrument, sleep in band room, only date or have friends within the band, or partake in other band geek-like activities.)
Dude: Pshh you're so a band geek.

Dude in band: Pu-leez. I'm a band MEMBER.
by Clemyntyne April 24, 2007
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1.(n) A person who works extremely hard, arguably as hard as any other "sport", to succeed in a competition or event such as a parade
The marching band member performed in twelve parades so far
by MarchingManiac February 19, 2016
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The oldest, middle-age band member who plays music with the other teenage band members, hoping to get famous and leave their crappy day-job. These blokes have a short temper and are the most immature of the members, frequently throwing tizzy fits about minuscule obstacles that might hinder the fame they deserve.
"Dude, who was that guy who just threw a tantrum over the argument not directed towards him?"
"Oh, haha that's Qis, he's an All-Star Band Member"
"bro, I thought he spilt his non-concentrated juice for a second there"
by Schnazzle G January 24, 2017
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