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Mainly used in Rocket League.

Somebody who hits the ball without any clear motive or attempt to make it into the opponent's goal. They just hit the ball to hit the ball without aiming it anywhere in particular. They often fuck up other's attempts at goals by blocking the ball from going in the opponent's goal or hitting it out of the way when their teammate it set up for a goal.
This ball chaser just ruined my shot!

And how they're hitting it again in the wrong direction!

And now the ball chaser just hit it into OUR goal, giving the other team a point.
by rreighe2 July 08, 2016
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When faggots go after the ball for no reason other than touching it, often fucking the team they are playing with over in the process.
That retard Falcon is such a ball chaser
by GratsRats October 08, 2017
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