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This is where an individual takes a selfie but includes in the photo or video a piece of their bald head
This picture would make an ideal baldscape
by EP22 May 13, 2016
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a picture that includes a bald head
i am going to use my bald head to take a great baldscape photo
by Frenchbaldy May 28, 2016
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The art of taking a picture, video or other image of a view which includes a little bit of baldy head as part of the foreground, typically used by bald men to include a picture of the top of their heads with a view. A s can be used as a visual signature and the view does not need to be spectacular. Baldscapes that take advantage of the light so the bald head appears in an interesting light are deemed to be the best
When i take selfies i love to include a bit of my bald head in the view to create a baldscape
by Baldscapper July 10, 2016
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