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1.A derogatory term used to define a female who lacks hair in the back of her scalp. term may also apply to the whole head.
2. a female who's hair is shor due to the lack of the abiity to grow. (one who has short hair is nt necessarily a balheaded scallywag)
3. someone who leaves a perm, and or relaxer in their hair for more than twenty minutes, and gets cabbage patch.
4. black ghetto female who cant achieve it, so they "weave" it, or can't grow it, so they sow it.
"baldheaded scallywag, ain't got no hair in the back."

did you see shaquita getting her hair braided??? i don't know how the hairstylist did it, but obviously she works wonders, becuase that chick is the definition of a baldheaded scallywag.
by ogleghetto August 31, 2009
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