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A word to use when you are mad at your guy or they have done something really stupid or boneheaded. It started as a sentence, "Boys are dumb, throw rocks at them." I posted this as my status so many times that I got tired of writing it so I shortened it to badtrat. It is now catching on Facebook and people I haven't even have added as friends are using it. Badtrat has become the girl "bat call" for when we really need rocks to throw at our guys because they are being dumb and the "rocks" are offered via cyber space. When the rocks aren't needed anymore they are sent back or to the next female that has been wronged for the day by their guy and have sent out the "bat call" or rather "badtrat" call.
I found out that my husband was cheating on me. He is such a badtrat!
by CPT T-BIRD May 27, 2010
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