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Pronunciation: bow-DOO-see

Commonly misspelled as badusy


A horrible and especially unpleasant smell that derives from unique, and very specific origins. The smell is a combination of human male semen, human feces, and human vaginal secretions.

The name of the smell is a word that is derived from the combination of the ingredients that make the smell: BAlls (semen), DEUce (number two), pUSSY. The "U" in deUce and pUssy is highlighted twice as a capital letter to explicitly identify the elegance of the correct spelling and the masterful auditory blend of the last two sources of stench.
I need a shower cause my dong smells like badeussy.

My roommate got her slut on last night. I know cause when I opened the hamper her friday night panties were in there and the whole thing reeked of badeussy.

That girl will do anything with her mouth, her breath smells like badeussy.
by mulepiddy January 04, 2013
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