It's an Indonesian word for "bullshit" you can also say "Bacot" if someone talks too much.
A : yo i talked to this girl yesterday, she's so hot, im taking her out this saturday
B : bacot! You were with me yesterday, we played Xbox all day long..
by N4dh1 February 20, 2018
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BACOT means shut up / shut the fuck up, but in Indonesian, they use this word when there are people who talk a lot and bullying
A : U suck! hahaha
B : stfu!
A : U suck! hahaha
B : bacot!
by IM SUCK June 19, 2017
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Basically means a person who use their useless mouth to utter useless things :)
1. You're such a bacot!!
2. She didn't even want to stop 'bacot'ing.
by enhadeyente January 27, 2019
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