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An expression used to stop something or slow it down. If someone is talking fast, backup the train will mean for them to repeat what they said. Can be used with hold the phone
Kids in a classroom going crazy, someone swears
Teacher: Hold the phone, backup the train! Who said that?
by Don C. Hawantme May 31, 2007
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used to say, "hold up" or "wait a minute" or "thats not true" or to express disbelief.
1. A loud girl, Joanna is talking to a boy, Liam for the first time:
Liam: you seem really quiet Joanna
Joanna: Back up the Train! I never shut up!

2. Joanna is talking to her friend Lisa later that day:
Joanna: so I talked to Liam today!

3. Lisa is talking to Rebecca later
Lisa: Rebecca you're kinda annoy-
Rebecca: Backup the train & don't let that thought out of the station!
by ewitsmelala January 28, 2010
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